Most common types of gambling frauds

Most common types of gambling frauds

You have heard a lot about gambling frauds. But do you know how many types of gambling frauds are there? Don’t worry about this article we are going to tell you about various types of gambling frauds.

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Types of gambling frauds:

  • Multiple account fraud

The fraudsters make dozens of accounts and transfer money from one account to another. And then later they use it for many purposes. You don’t guess how they work as they find new tips and tricks for this for fraud.

  • Bonus fraud

You can observe that there are a lot of websites which provide a kind of bonus for its new members. So these fraudsters make multiple accounts and then signup at those websites. After signup, they will get money. If the website owner would not focus on this thing then they can lose a huge amount of money. This bonus is just for attracting the new member and give them some money so that they can start playing as soon as possible.

  • Chip dumping

In this method, the fraudster makes multiple accounts and then participate in any game with all these accounts and then play against any one particular player. After winning, any of the accounts will get the winning amount. You don’t even know that any fraudster will cheat you.

  • Stolen credit card

This means that the fraudster will use any stolen credit card to lavish his account and then use that money to play more and long as well. So everyone must have to keep their cards details private. Otherwise, there are very rare chances of getting money back.

  • Phone top-up abuse

If your casino offers phone top-up then fraudsters can get many ways to do fraud with you. They just have to call burner phone holder and trick them into filling their gambling account with money for playing.

These are the various kinds of frauds. If you want to protect yourself from these kinds of frauds them you just have to visit our website. We will provide you a hundred percent safety and security.