How to choose a slot: where to find info on volatility

How to choose a slot: where to find info on volatility

The value of the slot RTP being regulated by law must be disclosed by the manufacturer of the slot machine. In fact, we find it easily by sifting through the information of the slots, or the paytable. The same is not true for volatility. If we don’t know how to choose a space because we possess difficulttion in comprehending its volatility, we have numerous choices.

Few manufacturers acknowledge the volatility of their space devices on their site . One of which indicates the level of volatility for each slot: low, medium, high. So in this case it will be easy to find out about it. Others don’t, but there are often sites that specialize in online slots reviews, which tell you how to choose a slot. Among the several components evaluated, it is also feasible to find data on volatility rtp slot.

In the scarcity of data from third parties we can make our volatility assessment ourselves. Looking at the paytable, in fact, we can guess something about the volatility and the slot RTP. In fact, if from the table we see a very high maximum payout, we are facing an online slot with high volatility.

RTP and AAMS Slot Machines

RTP slot is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player which in Italian means “return in winnings to the player”. This importance is very significant in AAMS virtual slots as it implies the level of generosity of a game. The RTP is expressed as a percentage: by law, AAMS slot machines must have a minimum value of 90%.

How to interpret the RTP of slots? If an AAMS online slot has an RTP of 96%, it means that out of a total of €100 played, €96 is returned to players in winnings. Attention! Slot RTP value is not a guarantee for the player. Therefore, those who play €100 will not necessarily go home with €96 in their pocket. In evidence, he will be eligible to reap much more, or lose all the cash. The RTP slot value is in fact calculated on thousands of plays and represents an average value.